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The Alliance to End Plastic Waste

National Geographic Ad

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is a coalition dedicated to helping to eliminate plastic waste in the environment. Bringing together some of the biggest producers of plastic, users and recyclers, The Alliance is working to solve the global challenge of plastic in the environment.


Weber Shandwick helped develop the organization, branding and execution of the Alliance. As a member of the creative team, I helped with various branding projects, social content and print pieces. This included a 100 page Digital Brand Playbook distributed among key stakeholders and members.

The Alliance's efforts include multiple partnerships with organizations around the globe to help eliminate plastic waste and build foundations for recycling in underserved communities. This National Geographic ad was designed to promote the partnership with Project STOP.


Lane Zero

We all have a project that got killed in review, didn't get past client approvals or just ended too soon. This concept was unable to be brought to life due to the pandemic right before the 2020 Olympics:


The Alliance's mission is to end plastic waste in our environment - or in other words, get it down to zero. With the 2020 summer Olympics on the horizon, we want to place ads during swimming and track events. The Alliance would sponsor the buffer lanes in the pool and on the track as “Lane 0.”


These lanes are an established “Lane 0” that is kept open during all swimming events and track events - creating a prime space to highlight the Alliance’s
mission to achieve zero plastic waste in the environment.

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