The following is a collection of work including 3D animation and motion graphics created over the past several years. These animation pieces highlight the variety of techniques and animation skills I have learned throughout my education and professional experience. 

I have been able to incorporate these techniques into campaigns for large businesses such as the USPS and USAA. These animation skills elevate our work and create unique, engaging storytelling.

3D Design

During my internship with the UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, I worked with 3D designers to produce digital assets for various planetarium shows. Throughout the course of the internship I developed 3D design skills in Maya and Mudbox.

In addition to professional work for the Planetarium, I have also worked with green screen to put myself in space, designed and animated my favorite animals and attempted to capture the facial expressions of a grumpy ogre. 

SND 2018

This motion graphic was created in collaboration with the Society of News Design for their conference in New York City in March 2018. I worked with three other designers to create a promotional video capturing the feel and excitement of the conference. The project presented unique challenges of working closely with others, collaboration during the storyboard process and creating an all-around cohesive piece.


I created this meme video for a client presentation. We wanted to create a fun video to show the client our ideas for their project Operation Engage. The simple animation style is a fun, trendy way of more engaging storytelling that can really elevate a design.