The United States Postal Service

Mail. You know, that thing that people used to send before cell phones, email and social media took over as our main forms of communication? Against all odds, the USPS is still there delivering unsolicited ads, junk mail and the occasional birthday card from Grandma - to every mailbox in the nation.


They even have a social media presence! Below are a few of the campaigns my team has created for the USPS social accounts.

Stamp Nation

Every year the USPS releases stamps for philatelists and casual mail senders alike. The stamps range from celebrating historic events or people, to holidays and animals (both past and present). 

The following are just a few of the simple and fun ways we showcased and promoted stamps in 2019 and early 2020.

The Shipping Game

For the B2B side of the USPS account, we created a board game to inform businesses why USPS is the best option when choosing a shipping provider.

Spoiler alert: The only way to win the game is to ship with USPS.

Our team developed, shot and cut these stop motion videos for the paid campaign to promote "no surcharges with USPS."

USPS Holidays

If you send your mom a card for Mother's Day, a love note for Valentine's Day and thank you notes after the holidays - the Postal Service wants to help.

Our team created various content series and posts to promote USPS during these mail-related holidays, remind people of important dates and show how much we love mail.


The United States Postal Service created an app for their employees to stay up to date with important alerts and information, engage with stories and content about their work and share social content to their personal social channels.

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